Management Message

Since ITOCHU Corporation participated in management of PT. Aneka Bumi Pratama in 1996, we, PT. Aneka Bumi Pratama, have expanded our factory in Palembang and Jambi with full stride. With the development of information technology and higher environmental awareness, now we are standing at the edge of new era 2020s, which we need to adapt the rapid change of business environment. We have to evolve “Sustainability” not only of crumb rubber factory itself, but also of entire natural rubber supply chain. Because natural rubber supply chain in Indonesia is long and broad, it is not easy to understand and evaluate the status quo in short time. To achieve the transparent distribution of natural rubber, we are currently developing the IT tool to reveal the supply chain with distributing the incentive to stakeholders against commitment of “Traceability” and “Sustainability”. Through such efforts, we commit to “Sustainability” of our supply chain and achieve sustainable growth which looks ahead to 2030.

Yajima Hisashi
President Director