Raw Material of Natural Rubber is taken from NR Plantation. Smallholders and Estates operate NR Plantation. Farmers tap the tree to collect Latex into cup lumps. Rubber on cup lumps are formed into a slab and delivered to the factory. We purchase raw material from smallholders (over 95%) and estates (5% or less) in Riau, West Sumatera, Jambi, Bengkulu, South Sumatera, Lampung, West Java and Central Java. When we receive raw material at our factories and branches, we check about 100% of its supply source from suppliers.

There are 2 phases for processing after Raw Material are delivered to factory. 1st Process is Wet Process. Cup lump slabs are cut and crushed into small pieces, then washed in the tank to get cleaned. Repeat this crush & wash process to remove contamination. After crush & wash, the rubber is formed into blanket, then hung to get dried to increase Dry Rubber Content percentage.

2nd Process is Dry Process. After naturally dried for designated period, the blanket is cut into small pieces again and is got into the drying machine to remove the remaining water. After that, the rubber is pressed to form a bale with a press machine. The bale is measured to 35kg/piece, then inspected. After inspection, the product is packed and shipped out to the customers all over the world.