As a subsidiary of ITOCHU Corporation, ABP established Sustainability Policy. We commit that we work for sustainable rubber business as a member in natural rubber industry.

Purpose :
The purpose is to bring about a sustainable natural rubber supply and to define the procurement policies for its natural rubber business.

Item Priority

  • We commit to working towards providing safe, hygienic and healthy working conditions and paying at least the national, regional or local minimum wage to employees. We commit to respecting international norm, such as the fundamental principles reflected in the international Labour Organization (ILO), and all of the applicable laws and regulations in the countries/regions where we operate and conduct business activites.

  • We will work to actively collect information to encourage zero deforestation in raw material-production areas and we shall endeavour to explore new technologies and methods to enhance the traceability of natural rubber and to ensure compliance by all members of the rubber supply chain, which consists of many stakeholders, including small holders (small-scale farmers) and intermediate raw material dealers.

  • We shall use our best efforts to establish measures to identify any suppliers developing on High Conservation Value (HCV) areas, High Carbon Stock (HCS) areas and peatland, in order to avoid procuring rubber from them.

  • We shall follow the procedures set out in the free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) principles, which were established by the 'Reducing Emissions form Deforestation and Forest Degradation (UN-REDD)' program. In addition, we will undertake identify suppliers whose activities cause any negative impact to indigenous peoples - such as the illegal acquisition of land, -in order to avoid procurement of rubber from them.

  • We are commited to complying with all applicable laws and regulations in the countries/regions in which we operate regarding water usage and effluent discharge, we will ensure to treat discharged water in accordance with all laws and regulations, and we shall work to reduce water consumption through the recycling and reuse of water.

Other Items

  • We commit to working to comply with 12 principles of 'Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber' (hereinafter called 'GPSNR').
    12 GPSNR :

  • We will work to review the operational policies periodically in cooperation with suppliers, specialists, NGOs and other stakeholders, while considering further initiatives for the entire supply chain aimed at the sustainability of natural rubber, all of which we shall conduct through GPSNR.