CSR Waste Bank Development in Kubu Kandang Village in cooperation with DLH Jambi Regency and Province

Posted on: 28/11/2023 | CSR Activity

In order to support the implementation of the Clean Batang Hari program that was launched by the Jambi Governor together with the Regent and Mayor on March 08 to 11, 2022. PT Aneka Bumi Pratama together with the District and Provincial Environment Office formed one of the villages in Batang Hari district, namely the village of "Kubu Kandang" which is located around the PT Aneka Bumi Pratama (ABP) factory, as a pilot village in household waste management. (Kampung MANTAP Lingkungan Hidup).

So on Tuesday, October 03, 2023, at around 09.00 WIB until completion, located in the Kubu Kandang Village Hall room, with the presence of the Pemayung Sub-District Head, and the Batang Hari Regency Environment Office, a symbolic handover of the Waste Bank building and equipment from PT. Aneka Bumi Pratama to the Kubu Kandang villagers, which was handed over directly to the Kubu Kandang Village Head, which was also attended by the Kubu Kandang Village Representative Body (BPD), the Head of the Kubu Kandang Village Youth Organization, the Mosque Imam & Sara Village Staff, and all the villagers present, and they all welcomed this waste bank program, by thanking the company PT. Aneka Bumi Pratama.


Waste Bank Handover Event to Kubu Kandang Village and Symbolic Handover of Waste Bank Building Key to PLH Kades Kubu Kandang.

Grand Opening of the Waste Bank Building with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

PT Aneka Bumi Pratama has supported and contributed by using the company's CSR funds to :

  • Build/create a Waste Bank building, as well as prepare supporting facilities and infrastructure for the processing of household waste


Handover of Waste Bank Account Book and Waste Bank Equipment to the Chairman of the Board of Management.

  • Make a prohibition board to not throw garbage in any place, in accordance with the Village Regulation (Perdes) on domestic waste management.

Symbolic Installation of No Trash Throwing Signs and Socialization of Waste Bank Perdes.

  • Planting trees on the banks of the Batang Hari river

Symbolic Planting of Tree Seedlings in the Batang Hari Riverbank Area.