Health Education and Providing Free Health Checkup Assistance to Kubu Kandang Village Residents

Posted on: 09/03/2021 | CSR Activity

Public health has an important role in efforts to improve the quality of human resources, poverty alleviation and economic development. The Human Development Index puts health as one of the main components of measurement besides education and income. The general condition of health in Indonesia is built by environmental factors, behavior and health services. Meanwhile, health services consist of several components, namely the availability and quality of health service facilities, medicines and medical supplies, health personnel, health financing and management. Basic health service facilities, namely Puskesmas strengthened by Auxiliary Puskesmas and Mobile Puskesmas, have been established in almost all regions of Indonesia, however equitable distribution and affordability of health services is still an obstacle.


Public health is important, in order to create a healthy environment, we PT. Aneka Bumi Pratama provides our CSR program to the importance of health in the community around the company. In cooperation with Jembatan Mas Puskesmas, Pemayung District, Batang Hari Regency, on Tuesday, March 9, 2021, PT. ABP held activities to help community health in Kubu Kandang Village, Pemayung District, Batang Hari Regency, Jambi Province.

The first activity about health education was presented by dr. Riana - Head of the public health center Jembatan mas (Kepala Puskesmas Jembatan Mas – Pemayung).


For the children who attend, we provide nutritious food that we have prepared (milk, bread, eggs, drinking water).


After the counseling program was finished, it was followed by a free medical check-up for the villagers.Many villagers and children attended the event, they thanked the company for helping them with health and free medical treatment.